Welcome to Embroidery Boutique!!  Specializing in embroidery and monogramming.  We have so many addorable designs to choose from lettering, monogramming, appliqued, animals, birthday, cheerleading, sports, tooth fairy, retro, loads of baby designs, this is just a few to mention be sure and contact me via email and ask and we will probably have the design you need!!

     We have several unique baby items in our baby boutique department.  We do alot of blankets, bibs, & burp rags, they are great for baby showers and to take them something special to the hospital when they are born that is personalized.

     Also at Embroidery Boutique we offer addorable minky tooth fairy pillows, you can also have these personalized. Kids love these to place their tooth in the pocket and wait for their reward from the tooth fairy.  These also are a nice gift, you choose the design, color and lettering. 

      Need a thoughtful wedding present?  How about some nice embroideried wedding towels with monogram lettering to match their bathroom decor'. We also offer personalized kitchen towels that are nice.   Need to lose weight? We at EmbroideryBoutique care about health and well-being. Therefore, we are informing you that you can currently get Weight Watchers Coupons at http://www.weightlosspromotioncodes.com/coupons/weight-watchers/ for up to $20 off or you can join Weight Watchers for Free! 


     Please allow 2-3 weeks for special orders.  These items will arrive to you clean and smoke-free!!  

      Please take your time and browse Embroidery Boutique!!  Go to the items category and start shopping.

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